Holiday Lighting Design & Installation

Residential & Commercial  •  Tyler Texas & surrounding areas
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“Living in Tyler, I look forward all year to see the Christmas decorations and especially the lights. I have taken that thrill and applied it to helping families make their own houses and businesses look stunning! Let us know how we can help you.”


Why do I need pros to install my lights?

  • Safety! Leave the ladders, roof work and tree climbing to us.
  • Easy! You don't lift a finger, except to call us (wink) at 903-920-4488
  • Fast! We get there quick, and most installs only take a few hours.
  • Beautiful! Our pros are old hats at this and do excellent work

How much does it cost?

Depends on how much dazzle you desire! Simple home designs with fewer lights average between $500 and $750, while more complex designs with lots of lights average between $1k and $3k. See below to learn how to get a discount.

What's included in the price?

  • Commercial-grade lights
  • Design and installation
  • Free service calls
  • Light removal in January
  • Free storage during the off-season

Can I get a discount?

There are a few ways you can earn a discount on your service, including allowing us to put a Blair Lights sign in your yard, posting photos of your gorgeous light design to your social media accounts and tagging us, and more. (Varies by situation. Ask us for details.)

Do I own my lights?

YES! During the off season we'll store them for you at no cost. Next year, since you already bought your lights, you only pay for installation.

Do I have to plug them in every night?

Your lights will be on a timer. Hide it under a bushel? NO, we're going to let it shine!
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“Blair Lights was very responsive, and my lights are absolutely beautiful!”
Thank you so much To Blair Lights for the beautiful job you did putting my Christmas lights. Such polite and professional gentleman. Extremely reasonable prices too!!
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